Les Ingarands in Hérisson, Auvergne, France         


The Guest House

The Guest Room

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The traditional guest house (gîte) and the guest room (bed and breakfast) are located close to the small, wonderfully picturesque village of Hérisson in France's beautiful Auvergne region.

The horizons are long and wide, which gives a wonderful sense of space and light to the surrounding fields and forests.

There are sudden contrasts, like the gorge of the Aumance River, with the village of Hérisson and the remains of its impressive ancient chateau perched on a precipice.

Here just 3 kilometers outside of Hérisson (which means "hedgehog" in French) you will find Les Ingarands, a former Bourbonnais farm whose character and charm have been preserved whilst bringing it up to today's standards of comfort.

The owners live in the main house.

English, Dutch, French and German are spoken.

The Guest House

The main house with Guest Room

Pool at Les Ingarands