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This region is rich in reminders of its Roman past with many Romanesque churches in villages nearby. The relatively more recent Bourbon Kings built their chateaus dotting the countryside. Here also are the well-known wines of Saint Pourçain and if you drive an hour north you find Menetou-Salon near the pottery village of La Borne. And of course the church in Châteloy. You can hike in the steps of St. Principin, a Christian martyr who was beheaded in the late 4th century on the banks of the Aumance River before he walked up the hill to the Châteloy chapel with his head in his hands.

The area offers numerous cultural and sporting opportunities. There is golf at Nassigny, kayaking, riding and pétanque. There are music festivals, concerts, opera and theater including excellent groups of actors, musicians and acrobats such as Footsbarn Theater.

Weekly farmers markets provide an opportunity to buy locally produced cheeses like goat and sheep cheese, St. Nectaire, Cantal, and Fourme d’Ambert. If you like the “hunt”, there are antique markets (brocantes) almost every weekend during the summer in the surrounding villages. The area is rich in museums and near the Route Jacques Coeur if you are interested in historic chateaux.

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